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What are Templates?

What Template are:
Templates are editable digital documents that you can customize yourself or send to a designer to customize with your brand and information.

How long do they take:
These are instantly downloadable the minute you purcahse them.

What format they are in:
We typically offer templates in various formats including Google Docs, Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Photoshop (.psd) and a simplified Canva version (so you can edit them without the adobe suite if need be). If you do not have access to the Adobe suite but would like to use it to edit you can download a free 30 day trial here:

Who they are best for:
Templates are the most economic option. They are great for anyone but they are best for new businesses who are who are budget conscious but still want expert level marketing and design. You do need to put a little time into customizing these items but they save the most money for the value.

What are Customized Services?

What Menu Services are:
Menu Services are design are fast made to order design and marketing services that are customized to your needs.

How long do they take:
Menu services are typically ready in 1 week but will always be ready in under 2 weeks.

Who they are best for:
These are great for budget conscious start-ups who want the work totally done for them. They are a fast and cost effective way to get design services that are essential to your business and vital for growth.

What are Deluxe Services?

What Deluxe Custom Services are:
These are fully custom and packaged services like:

  • full branding kits
  • complete prelaunch marketing plan
  • custom website design
  • original styled photography
  • monthly email marketing
  • packaging and more

How it works:

  1. Browse the service offering here.
  2. Schedule a call with the inquiry form here.
  3. After the call I will send a proposal and contract
  4. I will deliver the services

When are they ready:
It depends on what you order but a branding kit typically takes 2 weeks, a full prelaunch 5 weeks (one week to prep and 4 weeks to run the prelaunch) and a custom website 3-4 weeks.

Who they are best for:
These fully custom services are top of the line, best for established companies that are ready to rebrand, or those who have already proven their concept and want to fully invest to put their best foot forward.

What is the Refund Policy?

Refund policies are different for each product. They are each stated on the bottom of each product page. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we do whatever we can to make sure you are satisfied with your product.

You can view our General Refund Policy here

How Can I Access Items I Purchased

Template are is always available for download on the site upon checkout. It is also sent to you in an email but if you lose your file you can log into your account at any time to re-download the file.

Menu Services and Deluxe Services are available via email and if you lose your email or file please email us and we can resend it to you.

How Can I Earn a 10-20% Discount?

Glad you asked! There are 2 ways.

  1. Comment by mentioning my services + site on a relevant question or post on Subscription School FB group - Get 10% OFF
  2. If you purchase a product and then show it off on Subscription School FB group - Get 20% OFF

    Kindly link to the site

    Email me the screenshot or link and I will give you a huge thank you and coupon code for 20% off any next purchase. My small business depends on referrals so thank you in advance for the mention!


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Thanks we will contact you typically within 24 business hours. We are a small business and Lindsay personally replies to all emails so we thank you for your patience.
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